Saturday, 5 March 2016

How to choose your Wedding DJ


        Single Op DJ Company


 Multi Op DJ Companies


 Multi Ops DJ Companies: Usually have a big and comfortable office in downtown with one or more managers with a complete staff for operation such as, Receptionists, sellers managers, marketing, and a group of 15 or more subcontracted djs depending how many bookings they get per day, They rely on volume, So you may be pressured to book immediately at the spot, and you may not know who your DJ will be until just before the wedding. and usually this djs are no experienced and professional as you think, and they are just performing on your wedding for probably $200 or $300 the night, So they don't really care about the success of your event, because they are getting paid not matter what. At the end you find your self over paying from $3500 to 5000 for a $300 DJ Service. And the rest of the money you paid is used to pay the rent of the office, staff salary and marketing. 

Single Operator DJ Companies:  Usually is a DJ who works on his own, who don't have a big and comfortable office in downtown, and sometimes don't have an office at all, because don't manage the same volume of booking as a Multi Op. Therefore they can focus all their attention on you, and on how you want your day to flow, because you will be the only event planned for that day and make the meetings and business more personal  and more comfortable for you and you fiance.

The first vantage of hiring a Single Op DJ is that you will have the privilege of meeting with the Owner of the company and at the same time who also will be your DJ for your event, from the first consultation meeting until your wedding day he will be educating you and giving you advices and ideas of how to make your wedding day successful based on his experience.

The second vantage is that a single Op DJ can customize the prices of the packages according to your budget and what you need, Because he is the owner of his own company and have the free to adjust the prices at his convenience. Therefore you will find your self paying for a personalized and priceless DJ Services less than would you pay to a Multi Op DJ Company.

The third vantage is Costumer Service and Quality: This DJ it would do everything he can to keep his business reputation on top, therefore he will put all his effort in cover every detail discussed to make your event successful and  flawless, to get the clients happy with the services and willing to promote his business writing some good reviews or word of mouth.